Web Sites

Many companies design and develop websites. PTS helps our clients to use these resources effectively by maintaining web site focus and scope. We can assist in breaking down complex projects into reasonable phases. At the conclusion of each phase, feedback from your customers and assessment of the business impact is determined. This ensures that the final result will not only help your customers but provide a positive impact on your business.

After a major web site project, the site often becomes dormant due to the cost of updates. If you are interested in maintaining your own web site and  updating your own site cost-effectively, we can help to empower you. An interactive web site which dynamically changes with your business can be an effective tool to communicate with your clients and prospects.

We also provide basic web site services if you want to outsource this business function entirely.

Some PTS website examples include:

Divorce Parenting Resource Center

The Proudfoot Company

SPRI Clinical Trials

Historic Neighborhood Preservation